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Apple iPhone Toxic?

October 25, 2007
I wonder how this is going to affect Apple loyalty. How could Apple let this happen?
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Toxic chemicals worm in Apple’s iPhone core
Apple’s best-selling iPhone may be forced to carry an official health warning after being found to contain toxic chemicals.

The iPhone has been an instant hit. Photo / Herald on Sunday
Half of them tested positive for bromine, “suggesting widespread use” of brominated flame retardants; these are suspected of a range of threats to health, and the bromine itself can cause pollution when disposed of as waste.
our items also tested positive for antimony, a toxic mineral often used with flame retardants, and others contained very small amounts of chromium and lead. Chlorine was found in the plastic coating of the headphone cables, indicating the presence of PVC.
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Are we living in the “Last Days” of the Bible?

October 21, 2007

This is an eye-opening interview about “The Last Days”.

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The Last Days are here… again:
DeMar interviewed on Adam McManus call-in program, “Take a Stand.”
Gary was on the program for three hours and the calls ranged from
respectful to hostile. Take a listen and make your own mind up about
the Bible’s teaching on “the last days.”

  • Part One (Streaming
    or downloadable
  • Part Two (Streaming File or downloadable
  • Part Three (Streaming
    or downloadable
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    The Apocalypse Code – The Key to understanding Revelation

    October 14, 2007

    If you really want to understand the book of Revelation, read this one.

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    The Apocalypse Code: Find Out What the Bible REALLY Says About the End Times . . . and Why It Matters Today (Hardcover)

    Find Out What the Bible REALLY Says About the End Times . . . and Why It Matters Today

    “Most of what you’ve heard, read or been told about the End Times is wrong,” says popular radio host and bestselling apologist, Hank Hanegraaff. “We have come to accept a wide range of beliefs and teachings about the future, about the ultimate battle between good and evil, about the last days, and about how our world will end. And most of these beliefs and teachings are based on fundamental misinterpretations of what the scriptures really say about the end times.”

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    October 7, 2007

    Interesting how isolated molecule in beer has health-promoting qualities.

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    CORVALLIS, Ore. – A compound found only in hops and the main product
    they are used in – beer – has rapidly gained interest as a
    micronutrient that might help prevent many types of cancer.

    Researchers at Oregon State University first discovered the
    cancer-related properties of this flavonoid compound called xanthohumol
    about 10 years ago. A recent publication by an OSU researcher in the
    journal Phytochemistry outlines the range of findings made since then.
    And many other scientists in programs around the world are also
    beginning to look at the value of these hops flavonoids for everything
    from preventing prostate or colon cancer to hormone replacement therapy
    for women.

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    Lifestreaming in the Top 10

    October 5, 2007
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    Today I came across a post on Read/WriteWeb called 10 More Future Web Trends. It appears that the story is a follow up to a post where they had picked 10 future trends and created this new list based on the feedback from users stating that their list wasn’t quite ambitious enough.

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    phones meet radio in Vancouver start-up

    October 2, 2007
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    phones meet radio in Vancouver start-up

    Radio is about to marry with the ubiquitous cell phone � creating a TiVo-like personal subscription service for radio listeners, called CelleCast.
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