Nokia N800 Owners Get More Than They Bargained For

This one is surely on my wishlist!
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Software update for Nokia N800 tablet leaks, fans go gaga

Details of a major operating-system upgrade for Nokia’s Linux-based N800 Internet Tablet device was leaked Wednesday afternoon. Fans of the N800 (and soon-to-be-released N810) have been waiting eagerly for the last few weeks for any word of a final release date.

The new operating system is fantastic (at least from this blogger’s few minutes of playing with it). It’s faster, includes a Mozilla-derived Web browser, and boosts the speed of the N800’s internal processor from 320MHz to 400MHz. After months of waiting, YouTube is finally usable.

While all eyes are on the new N810 Internet Tablet, this operating-system release makes the N800 one of the best buys on the market–and an iPhone competitor. The Internet-enabled wireless device now includes support for video-based chat using the built-in Webcam, Skype, voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, service , as well as a very active developer community.

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