Things to Consider Before Buying a Netbook

Things to consider before buying a Netbook

The CPU is not important since the majority are using the Atom N270 with 522 Mhz FSB (Front Side Bus). The N280 does shows no noticeable difference.

(In order of importance)

1) Screen Glare or LED Backlight
2) Keyboard Size (at least 90%)
3) Which OS do you want? Windows XP, Vista, or Ubuntu
4) How long does battery last per charge?
5) Should have at leat 1 GB of RAM and easy to add another GB
6) WiFi b/g or b/g/n (n is 5 times faster)
7) Electric Drive (SSD) or Hard Drive (Uses more power?)
8) WebCamera built into top of screen.
9) Must have: Ethernet, WiFi,
10) Optional Bluetooth and/or ExpressCard 34 slot
11) VGA output
12) Can you Hackintosh it?
13) Pretty soon we wil need to ask: Can it play movies at 720p or 1080p?

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